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  1. sprinterz says:

    It remains a mystery, why there are no direct connections from Riga to Kaunas arriving earlier than 1PM (there are options for example, to depart Riga at 7.30 AM and make a change in Paneve┼żys which shaves about half an hour of total travel time in the best case scenario, compared to the 9AM Saturdays-only direct connection).
    Kaunas, now being the terminus of Rail Baltica rail connection to Bialystok and in summer 2017 becoming the only major international airport in Lithuania could benefit from regular connection with the Baltic metropolis of Riga.

    One of the possible solutions is to connect the two cities with InterCityBus and InterCityNightBus, that could bring the passengers traveling to Bialystok to Kaunas with a comfortable 15-30 min margin and later bringing the returning passengers to Riga.

    Possible ICBus timetable (RB connection):
    Bus arrives in Kaunas at 8.30AM (RB to Bialystok leaves at 9AM)
    Bus arrives in Kaunas at 4.30PM (RB to Bialystok leaves at 5.17PM)

    Bus leaves Kaunas at 1.30PM (RB from Bialystok arrives at 1.13PM)
    Bus leaves Kaunas at 10PM (RB from Bialystok arrives at 9.30PM)

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